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Snowboard DVD Review:Future Snowboarding 2.4

Future Snowboarding 2.4 DVD snowboarding snowboard skateboarding skateboard DVD video review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Released: 2006
Rating: 4 Stars

Lots of people...

This review of "Future Snowboarding 2.4" is based on the free DVD packaged with the Jan 2007 copy of Future Snowboarding Magazine, Issue #2.4. In case you're confused, This is the DVD that accompanies this issue of FSM.

Burton Snowboards - Guy in the Sky

This issue's DVD starts out with a full length flick from Burton Snowboards, "Guy in the Sky", featuring the Burton Global Team as they rip through New Zealand and Chile among other places. You'll see the whole thing, but it's included on the FSM 2.4 DVD (not a separate disc).

"Guy in the Sky"

Terje Haakonsen, Romain Demarchi, Frederik Kalbermatten, Trevor Andrew, Takasi Fuse, Keikki Sorsa, Mads Jonsson, Jussi Oksanen, Jeremy Jones, Anne-Flore Marxer, Molly Aguirre, Ellena Hight, Hannah Teter, Kelly Clark, Victoria Jealouse, Nataza Zurek.

Not bad for a free pack-in disc, eh? I grow tired of trailers and previews - getting the whole thing on Burton's dime is cool by me. Rocking footy and the women's part really showcased what the Burton ladies can do... and how well they do it.

The Future Snowboarding Channel

We start with Expert's Only - how to successfully do a road gap. This was a cool segment since I hadn't really thought about everything involved. For example the landing - the average roadside is often filled with debris from broken glass to logs. Imagine hitting that on the landing zone!

Mike Basich offers up his best Road-trip Tips. He's sporting a four wheel drive van complete with a kitchenette, bed and trailer hitch for sleds. Always have a beacon transponder, shovel and a friend (i.e. - don't ride alone).

the Resort guide to Big Sky Montana features a look at the team dedicated to upkeep on the snowboard park areas. With an average of 2 skiers per acre, lift lines are pretty non-existent. Cool!

Sketchy D shows us how to nail 50-50's which wasn't quite as interesting as the fact that someone chose the theme song to Alyssa Milano's first sitcom, "Who's the Boss?".

The FSM Future Film Festival

This month there are 3 entries:

  • NC Productions
  • Alterna Films discusses "In Transit".
  • Bald E-Gal Productions
free parking pass - printable size

Bonus Stuff

The DVD contains a dozen or so MP3 files. Just pop the DVD into your computer and open the music folder. Don't expect greatness, but they're free!

I'm not sure this qualifies as a bonus in the traditional sense of "Gimme more free footy". However the clever folks at FSM want to give you a free parking pass. On the reverse side of the cardboard insert that describes the DVD's contents, they printed a "Free Parking" Pass. Click the image on the right to download the full size. Fold it, fill it out and see if you can get a decent parking spot for a change. Keep it around, you can PhotoShop in a new date next season, but don't blame us if it's still hanging from your rear view mirror... at the impound lot.

The Bottom Line

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