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Snowboard DVD Review:Warren Miller's Ride

Warren Millers Ride DVD snowboarding skateboarding video DVD review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: Kurt Miller
Released: 2000
Rating: 4 Stars

Kurt Miller, Robin Courcelles, Adam Schrab, Bob Rankin, Toby Dawson, Jim Smith, Justin Patnode, Rob Kingwill, Garrett Altmann, Sean Smith, Evan Raps, Hannah Hardaway, Tanner Hall, Jeremy Bloom, Chris Anthony, Sean O'Brien, Mickey Price, Rex Weherman, Kyle Lawton, Dan Gilchrist, Nelson Carmichael, Dillon Jenkins, Orion Helms, Alex Aucho, J.F. Pelchat, Doriane Vidal, Ron Chiodi, Eva Sandelgard, Armin Maurer, Shannon Schad, Jeremy Nobis, Jennifer Ashton, Hugo Harrison, Luke Schrab, Eric Pehota, Sean Glynn, Justine Van Houte, Barrett Christy, Julie Zell, Ann Battelle, Mike Douglas, Chris Hernandez, Shelly Robertson, Shannon Bahrke, Ryan Riley, Asia Jenkins, Kina Pickett, Daniel Caruso, Amy Tuttle, Natasha Fellows, Billy Kidd, Nick Bucci, Bart Robinson, Lindley Hord, Emery Jones, Paavo Tikkanen, Pauline Richon, Pascal Imhof, Sepp Berlinger, Craig Kelly, Jay Nelson and Megan Pischke.

If you've never seen a Warren Miller film, you're missing a great action sport film maker. He primarily shoots skiing with a bit of snowboarding, but the way he does it is riveting. Ride is his 51st film, so he's ironed out all the kinks and makes flawlessly incredible films documenting some of the most insane terrain ever to touch a rider's edge.

He often uses a dozen cameras to capture a rider's descent from multiple angles throughout the whole run. Many of the drop-ins he captures can not be done multiple times for the camera. Check out Ride and you'll see why. Most of these stunts wouldn't be considered once!

There's definitely more skiing than snowboarding in this flick, but the footage will amaze you. But it's not all about extreme sports - Miller has a great sense of humor and knows how to inject diversity into his films.

For instance, at Whistler Mountain (British Columbia, Canada) the film crew follows the team who prepare the slopes for skiers each morning. This entails detonating explosives to remove avalanche dangers. You have to admire someone who will ski with a backpack full of small bombs. Miller educates as he fascinates his audiences.

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