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Snowboard DVD Review:Ro Sham Bo

Ro Sham Bo DVD snowboarding skateboarding video DVD review Three Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: Amber Stackhouse &
Fabia Grüebler
Studio: Misschief Films
Released: 2006
Rating: 3 Stars

Hana Beaman, Laura Hadar, Annie Boulanger, Victoria Jealouse, Natasza Zurek, Tara Dakides, Erin Comstock, Annie Boulanger, Anne-Flore Marxer, Izumi Amaike, Marie-France Roy, Leanne Pelosi, Spencer O'brien, Pricilla Levac, Jaqui Berg, Marigeth Swetkoff, Stacy Thomas, Silvia Mittermuller, Kimmy Fasani, Elaine Height and more...

Misschief Films brings another killer dose of snowboarding with RO SHAM BO, a film dedicated to female snowboarders pushing the limits of progression. From Bosnia to Alaska, the Misschief crew takes riding to the next level.

The title Ro Sham Bo conjures up notions of an ancient tribal clan praising the snow-gods and using that slick white covering to travel the mountains from destination to destination. Maybe they were the original shredders of ancient times. But, not so...

Ro Sham Bo is simply another name for the popular children's game, Rock Paper Scissors used to determine a bet or make a decision. No ancient civilizations. No snow-god worship. Just a children's game. But leave it to the human mind to apply mathematics to the randomness of the game and to then have it furthered in the form of championships. Can you imagine being the Rock Paper Scissors Champion? How do you explain that trophy to your buds?

The World RPS Society has been holding the world championships in Canada for the past 5 years. Hundreds of competitors from all over the world come to compete in these championships and during the first 4 years, home grown Canadian talent won the coveted trophy.

Starting in 2002, the World Rock Paper Scissors Society (WRPS) standardized a set of rules for international play and has overseen annual International World Championships. These open, competitive championships have been widely attended by players from around the world and have attracted widespread international media attention. WRPS events are noted for their large cash prizes, elaborate staging, and colorful competitors. In 2004, the championships were broadcast on the U.S. television network Fox Sports Net.

But getting over the title is easy once you get into this flick. Ro Sham Bo's leading ladies tear up the mountains, woods and parks. They rip on the snow and offer plenty of jibs to boot. Plenty of people discredit female athletes based on gender alone, but women are constantly raising the bar in their sports and this film shows it. With a cool soundtrack, diverse parts and plenty of bonus footage, this film should be on your shelf and in your DVD player.

Ro Sham Bo Packaging

So, how's this for packaging? Along with the DVD you get the rules for playing Ro Sham Bo... just in case you skipped the third-grade and missed out on this playground arbitrator of all worldly decisions.

Bonus Stuff

The Bottom Line

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