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Snowboard DVD Review:Transworld Snowboarding's 7th Annual Team Challenge 2005 (preview Disc)

C1rca's It's Time - DVD snowboarding skateboarding video DVD review One Star skateboard DVD review rating

Released: 2005
Rating: 1 Star

A bunch of pro snowboarders...

This review of Transworld Snowboarding's "7th Annual Team Challenge 2005" is based on the free DVD packaged with Transworld Snowboarding Magazine in 2005.

After two years in Tahoe, The Transworld Snowboarding Team Challenge was moved to Aspen's Smowmass. Riders from all over converge on the mountain with the TWS staff for what sounds like a fun event. With a slope-side mariachi band complete with cap-guns and sombreros, riders sailed off snow-ramps, rode huge rails and sailed through the air in ways Hosoi couldn't imagine. Keep in mind this is only the free preview DVD, not the real deal.

Speaking of cap-guns... Do they even make them anymore? Does anyone out there know what a cap-gun is? Damn, I'm getting old. These days all toy guns have to be bright pink or contain a 5-gallon reservoir for water (or bleach if you're mean). I remember loading caps into both roll and revolver style cap-guns. I loved that loud explosive sound they made. Brought reality to backyard play time. Pull the trigger and the hammer slams down on the cap and it explodes in a small flash and a bang. Today, toys like that have micro-chips and lithium batteries. At least skateboarding hasn't been wiped out by homeland security and lazy cops who can't distinguish a toy from a lethal threat. Actually, it isn't that cops can't tell the difference. The problem is our society has become so violent that everyone is perceived as a threat. There is no distinguishing toys from guns. Cops just shoot before being shot themselves. What a world. Everyone should stop shooting each other and ride a ramp.

I like getting awards - it doesn't happen often, but it's nice to be recognized... Even if it's only for winning the 6th grade Paper Football Championship. Lots of rainy days in a school without a gymnasium leads to such competitions during Phys-Ed. It was more fun than watching vintage Green Bay Packer football games on a broke-down school movie projector.

Speaking of which, this DVD has an awards show at the end. Unfortunately, there's only 12 minutes of snowboarding footy before we are presented with 20 minutes of the awards ceremony - shot in black & white. This ceremony looked like something out of summer camp. Names are called out and kids walk to the front wearing beanies and sweatshirts as the presenter hands them a small trophy that has been sitting on a $9 K-Mart card table. No expenses spared.

So what do we get in this intro 12 minutes of snowboarding. A montage. Supposedly there's a contest of sorts going on, but there is no explanation of it. Riders are dressed alike, indicating they are on the same team, but no mention of how the competition works. It's good footage and I'd gladly put it on while blasting some cool music, but then you're stuck with the awards ceremony coming on. BUZZ KILL!

This preview disc warned me, as I will now warn you, that it sucks. You can even test this if you're scientifically inclined. Here's what you do:

  1. Insert Transworld Snowboarding's 7th Annual Team Challenge 2005 DVD
  2. Press play on your DVD player
  3. Phone-up an old friend who lives at least 200 miles from you
  4. Ask him/her if they can hear a loud sucking sound
  5. Press Pause on your DVD player
  6. Ask him/her if they can still hear the loud sucking sound
  7. Resume play of Transworld Snowboarding's 7th Annual Team Challenge 2005
  8. I suspect they will once again hear the loud sucking sound, thus confirming... this DVD SUCKS!

A preview DVD doesn't have to give up everything, but if its short, it should at least entice you to crave the full release. This preview DVD made me want to shoot myself with a cap-gun.

The Bottom Line

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