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Snowboard DVD Review:Forum Snowboard's That

Forum Snowboard's That DVD snowboarding skateboarding video DVD review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: Sean Kearns
Studio: Infamous Entertainment
Released: 2006
Rating: 4 Stars

JP Walker, Devun Walsh, Joni Malmi, Lauri Heiskari, Travis Kennedy, Pat Moore, Jake Blauvelt, Peter Line, Cheryl Maas, Stevie Bell, Eddie Wall, Iikka Backstrom, and Jake Welch.

When you name your company "Forum" and name your video "That", finding it in search engines is a bitch! But this is the type of flick you should be looking fro at your local shop. Screw the online reviews (yes, even this one) and go get That.

That What?
That video from Forum named, "That"!
Oh, OK.

The creativity for this flick starts with the opening credits. Green is the theme and they play it well. With cool camera angles and distorted perspectives, they make the intro credits fun to watch. Once you're passed the credits, it's just 40 minutes of snowy stuff. Just kidding - this flick rocks.

Forum put out a few team videos a while back (The Resistance, True Life and Video Gangs) then they seemed to part ways or whatever - maybe all the snow melted, who knows. But the team has reassembled for That and that's a good thing. This flick seems more jib-oriented than "up on the hill", but there's a pretty good mix of terrain.

My main complaint is with the advertising campaign. The print ads featured a bevy of hot chicks... so where'd they go? Didn't even catch a glimpse in the bonus section. I was looking forward to a little more titillation. Snowboarding gives me wood, but lets not get stupid about the concept... chicks work better in that respect.

The soundtrack includes Gnarles Barkley, Broken Social Scene, The Libertines, New Order and more.

Bonus Stuff

  • Boost Mobile World Premiere - Don't expect any riding here. Huh? Forum had a contest to find a house to have the first premiere. Some kid in British Columbia entered his parent's house and won. His mom didn't seem to thrilled about it, but Dad got to show off his Ferrari (yay).
  • Last Cut - out takes
  • Had to be There - inside jokes and oddities like nearly running into cars and trains.
  • Nambla Bears - I'm not sure about the Nambla tie-in, but they used these small stone bear statues to shoot a few tricks.
  • Cole Barash Slideshow
  • Snowmobile Diaries - trailer
BTW - If you were wondering about the "Nambla Bears" bonus thing...
The North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) is a New York City and San Francisco-based unincorporated organization that opposes the use of age as the sole criterion for deciding whether minors can legally engage in sexual relations. NAMBLA describes itself as a "support group for intergenerational relationships," and uses the slogan "sexual freedom for all." According to the group's web site, its aim is to "support the rights of youth as well as adults to choose the partners with whom they wish to share and enjoy their bodies".


The Bottom Line

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