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Lost in the universe of skateboard sites, retailers and manufacturers?
We'll help guide you to the ultimate sk8 experience by helping you find everything you need for skateboarding.

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The Home link takes you to the Welcome page of the site - a place you will rarely wish to revisit.
What's New »
All the latest updates to the whole site.
Articles »
Need some advise or how-to info to tweak your skateboard? The Articles link takes you to our listing of skateboarding manuals, ramp plans and how-to scrawlings.
Reviews »
Here you will find reviews of DVDs, music, books, hardware and assorted things necessary for healthy skateboarding.
Support Your Local Skate Shop - They're the only place for buy quality skateboard equipment.
Videos »
Links to all of our promotional videos.
Museum »
A display of old stuff from days gone by - a visual exploration into skateboarding's history.
Local »
Appalled by the lack of online info on my hometown's sk8 scene, I compiled a listing of all the skate parks and skate shops I've found and liked.
Grind • 12 »
Our sk8 zine that promotes skateboarding, nudity and whatever is on our minds at press-time.
Sklog »
If a skateboard blog is really called a Sklog, then we have one. Otherwise, this is just some ramblings from the road and my desk.
Galleries »
From porn stars and models to thrash queens and pro skateboarders, the Gallery is an excellent place to drool.
Store »
A place to shamelessly spend your hard earned dollars on skateboard clothing, DVDs, music and books - all with a sinister skater's edge.
Links »
The right-hand navigation list contains links to many manufacturers' web sites, sorted by category (sk8 decks, wheels, trucks, accessories, skate shoes, videos and clothing). You'll also find links to bands and other random stuff.


About »
Info about the mission and mechanics of the "Skate the Planet" web site.
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How to get in our face and tell us what's really going on in skateboarding.
Site Map »
Um... you're looking at it right now.
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Everything we do to protect your rights as a miscellaneous web surfer/skater.

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Displays the skateboard images at the top of each page.
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Swaps the skateboard images for snowboarding images.
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If you dig around a bit (aka: click) you'll uncover links to swap the Sk8 & Snowboard images for much more appealing thong-clad chicks.


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