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2007 Skate the Planet Skateboarding Blog Article

July 2007 Skateboard Blog Post

Big Dick, Small Deck? The internet has brought on some interesting social norms when it comes to being truthful. I've heard a bunch of female skaters complaining that once they enter a "sk8" chat room, guys start telling them about their big dicks. Huh? Sex knows no boundaries, eh? However this lie hinges on plausibility. Yammering about your 14" johnson sounds unrealistic, but sticking to single digits somehow offers just the right amount of credibility. Hence the constant declarations about 9" wieners.

OK, but what about that stupid little popsicle-stick deck you ride?

At Skate the Planet, we boast about our 10" wide decks. Old school is the new school, so give the ladies what they want: Dinner, a movie and the satisfaction of dating an old-schooler with a 10" deck!

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