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August 2007 Skateboard Blog Post

Big Wheels When I was 5 I rode my big wheel like it had just rolled off the line at Orange County Choppers. It was rad as Hell. Decades later I can still buy one at any Toys R Us - although I've outgrown the desire for pedal-power. In the late 80's I skated big wheels (65mm+, not the fucking toy) in a rainbow of funky colors. But today... try to buy a 65mm wheel that hasn't been designed for longboarding and has the durometer of foam.

Who dictated that all skateboarding must be done on 50mm wheels? OK, maybe they're better suited for flippy tricks, but what about skating downhill without bailing due to a pea-sized rock? How about a smooth ride on rough crete? I'm not part of the small wheel movement. Bigger is still better, but few shops sell them. The case at my local shop looks like its full of marbles - wait - those ARE wheels? Damn!

If you crave big wheels you have to buy ‘em online in the "Old School" section. Retro is in, but some shops haven't received the memo. So, shop owners: On your next order, ignore the SKU's and model numbers and simply fill in the description like this. "Lime Green, Bright Orange and big as fuck."

Thank you. Your consumers will appreciate it and so will I.

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