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Blank Decks and the Skate Industry I think blank decks are best for art or furniture construction.
As to sk8 companies demanding that shops not sell blanks... Mother fuck any company with the balls to tell a hard-working indy shop what products to carry. They're just trying to make a living like everyone else.

Whether I buy a Santa Cruz deck or a blank - I'm supporting skateboarding. If I tear apart roller skates and nail the wheels to a plank - I'm supporting skateboarding. If sk8 companies say otherwise, they're fucked in the head.

Skateboarding is about counter-culture fun. It has nothing to do with putting money in the pockets of select sk8 manufacturers. If their business model is undermined by the sale of blank decks, then they'd better change with the times or accept their demise.

Do they think people buy blanks because of the amazing non-existent graphics? Blanks are bought because not everyone has $60 lying around every time they break a board. People illegally download music because CDs are very often overpriced. It's about what the market will bear. If someone comes out with a way to sell decks at half the competitor's cost... that competitor will soon be out of business or innovating their strategy.

Skateboarding will always belong to the people. Mother fuck ANY company that thinks otherwise. Skateboarding is a culture, a lifestyle and a form of creative freedom. Any company that thinks skateboarding is about skaters putting money into company pockets is in fucking dreamland. Wake up assholes the unicorn ride through the cotton-candy field is over. Innovate or fuck off. Skateboarding belongs to people not corporations, companies or narrow-minded soul-suckers.

This whole issue has me a bit miffed so I wrote and article about the Blank Wars with a little more depth and thought... and a solution or two.

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