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Churchill Downs -vs- Skateboarding As I watched Street Sense win the 2007 Kentucky Derby, I suddenly realized how similar it is to skateboarding. Quite a comparison, eh? Stick with me!

Look at the fanfare around football. You have a 4-hour grudge match prior to which fans are getting drunk in the parking lot while cooking hotdogs and crap next to their SUVs. At the Derby, people are getting into the spirit of things. Everyone is dressed up for the event and the chicks sport the craziest fucking hats they can find. Royalty shows up and everyone pounds Mint Juleps as they wait for the race. They create a scene around something they love... horse racing.

Like skateboarding, the Kentucky Derby lasts about 2 minutes (the horse race itself). There aren't heats or playoffs or any shit - just THE race. This short duration and the fanfare around it makes a 2 minute run at a skate contest seem reminiscent. It's all or nothing. No 2 out of 3 bullshit. You go. You ride. That's it.

And just when you thought skating had blown up into this huge entity... forget it. Until you see a credit at the X-games to the Element blimp for arial coverage, don't forget that skateboarding is an expanding counter-cultural phenomenon that infects only those who have passion for it. Everyone else can continue cooking hotdogs in the Superdome parking lot.

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