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Delta The mathematical definition of "delta" is an incremental change in a variable. Anyone past the ninth grade has probable encountered this term. However the average ninth grader may not have encountered Delta as in the airline. In this respect, the term delta refers to a complete inability to maintain a fucking schedule.

I spent 7 hours at the airport waiting for these folks to get their shit together and deliver my son to me. One of the worst facets was the later it got the more skateable the terminal looked as the place emptied out. If you think it's tough to get a gun on a plane... it's just as hard to get a skateboard into the terminal. The shoot-to-kill security staff has been extensively trained to ensure no one brings too much shampoo or a dangerous nail-file onboard, but skateboards are a mystery. Hence - they are banned. Very bizarre. Fuck Delta Airlines. They suck. The ugly truth is that all airlines suck and perform equally poorly. Air travel used to be convenient. Now it's an unavoidable hassle if you need to get far fast. Otherwise, I'd hop in my car.

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