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Extreme Sports Are Clean? The Fuel cable channel isn't offered in my area so the sports offerings are pretty much relegated to football, golf and other time-wasting atrocities. Sometimes I can find something semi-palatable on the tube - sports-wise. But here's something I've recently noticed... Banners for Paul Mitchell styling products are popping up at various sports events. Maybe this isn't new, but I'd never seen ‘em. Paul Mitchell banner
I was horribly bored and found myself watching the Jeep Mountain Bike downhill races and there was that damn banner at the finish line. I've seen it at skate and snowboard events too. If shampoo-boy Paulie Paul wants to kick in some funds to cover such events - power to him. The thing I don't get is what the fuck is the demographic for styling products sold in salons?

I'm a clean sort of guy. I take showers. I do not, however, go into salons to buy shampoo and shit when the local supermarket has what I need. Maybe my raggedy ass could benefit from a salon cut and some pro products, but it isn't gonna happen. If I'm dropping $60, rest assured I'm coming home with a new deck, not shorter, shinier hair.

Does anyone who skates (or whatever extreme thing you're into) go to salons for anything? Yes, ladies I'm aware that you can kill on the half pipe and go to a salon. I'm talking about the guys!

Here's an excerpt from the "About" page of the Paul Mitchell site:
More than 26 years ago, two friends had a vision to found a company by hairdressers for hairdressers - one that would provide tools of success for stylists, their salons and the entire beauty industry.

Um, yeah. That makes me want to reconsider my hair-care requirements and visit a fucking salon. Their site also has a sports schedule of events that I'm guessing they sponsor. Is this what viewers of extreme sports TV are looking for? A better salon product?

Next time you get all sweaty from skating, go buy some cheap-ass shampoo at the corner store and throw your TV out the window. And get some Sk8Kleen Soap!

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