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December 2007 Skateboard Blog Post

Hating Ryan Sheckler Just when you thought you had to go to a middle school to find some really hateful brats, now all you need to do is look 5 feet behind Ryan Sheckler. The amount of shit being doled out to boy-Sheckler is as amazing as it it abundant.

Ryan Shecklers Life of Ryan reality show on Mtv When I heard he had an Mtv reality show, I really had no interest in seeing it. Rob & Big was a cool show because those guys had a lot of charisma and worked well together. Now I'm dying to catch an episode of "Life of Ryan", but my local paper has problems with printing accurate TV listings. Anyway... the hate that has come from this show is astounding especially when you see how much of it comes from skaters. All sorts of skaters - Pros, Ams and random skate punks. Everyone is on the bandwagon of hate.

I know it can be fun to piss all over someone for no good reason, but Sheckler is an amazing skater. Seems to me he's proven himself in that respect. All this hate seems to stem from his "reality" show that sucked and really didn't show the "life" of any sort of respectable skater. On the other hand, when was the last time someone offered to do a show on YOUR life?

I'm fairly certain he made a ton of money off this thing. If they offered me a stack ‘o cash to have cameras follow me around... I'd be down and so would you. Here's the problem...

There is no such thing as Reality TV - it's a myth. Reality is boring. Following anyone around with a camera will result in a crappy show. No amount of editing will help. Unfortunately, reality TV is a big marketing gimmick and lots of people think its the greatest thing (I wish all those people would go die in a fire). So, when the show gets too boring, even for moronic television directors, they start to "make it interesting" by adding in shit.

I'm sure Sheckler had no creative control on the project and the way they shoot these shows, you never know how the footage will be portrayed. Anything can be misrepresented or used out of context.

Speaking of "out of context"... nice bracelet: Ryan Shecklers Life of Ryan reality show on Mtv
If you really want to hate Ryan Sheckler... check out this fancy little diamond tennis bracelet he wears in those Nixon ads. What's up with that shit?

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