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The Lorax Was "Green" in 1971 I don't spend any time hugging trees, protesting fossil fuel, buying hemp clothing or scarfing organic foods, but I was reading the Lorax (one of my childhood faves) to my son and had forgotten how pro-Earth the story was. With today's economy and state of resource depletion, it's hard to imagine our wasteful ways haven't changed much despite what we knew long ago. We live in such an un-caring oblivious world in which nothing matters until it directly effects us individually.

If Dr. Suess was introducing conservation to pre-schoolers in 1971, how come the idea didn't take hold. Maybe because I was 4 at the time and stopped reading Dr. Seuss soon after. At present, when Al Gore tells us the world is getting fucked over, we simply shrug, get into our SUV's (I own one too) and drive thirty feet to get some fast food in styrofoam containers.

Here's the larger Seuss problem - the Lorax was a fuckin' wimp! He should have told the Onceler he could only chop down enough Truffula trees to make skateboard decks and he had to stop creating false demand for his fucking Thneeds. Are we supposed to believe that the one last Truffula seed will ever replenish what the Onceler razed? And even if it would, do we really need the Lorax to come back? What the fuck did he do to prevent the depletion in the first place.

The moral here is: take a stand, don't be a pussy, stand up for what you believe in and fucking do something other than complain!!

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