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No Kids?!? When I hear skaters say they don't want kids, I have to admit it sort of pisses me off - especially Myspace pages with the "Don't want any Kids" checkbox marked. Naturally, the decision to have kids is personal and none of my business, but I'm still gonna share my unsolicited opinion.

Slowly approaching the age of two, my son has become an avid knee-boarder. Outfitted with knee & elbow pads and a small helmet, he loves to scoot up and down the driveway with me. I bought him a small Arbor slalom board for X-mas since my boards were pretty big for him. When he sees me riding, he instantly gets up and tries to stand on his board - to be like Daddy. I quickly dissuade him from this as he's still mastering coordination while walking, so falling off a sk8 wouldn't be good.

So, I start to knee-board along side him and he sees we're both doing the same thing and he gives me a huge smile. As the Mastercard folks would say, "priceless".

Mankind's basic needs have always been shelter, food and procreation (I should have said "fucking" so you don't mistake me for a religious nut - cuz I'm not). So, while you're engaged in sex (didn't want to say "fucking" again) consider the value of creating a little skater to whom you can teach/expose to the world of skateboarding! Go sk8 and then go make more of us!

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