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April 2007 Skateboard Blog Post

Pick A Numb3r, Any Numb3r I dig the TV show Numb3rs. Math and numbers can be fascinating if you start digging into the various relationships. The premise of the show is Rob Morrow plays an FBI agent whose brother is a math-whiz and helps him solve crimes with equations. Last night's episode involved a skater who was making a killing at fantasy baseball. See any problems yet?

He devises a formula to calculate some important baseball stat shit and the bad-guys come after him. Once agent Morrow (whatever his TV name is) locates the skater, he has to catch him. The kid takes off on his skate and seemingly escapes as he grinds a 10-stair handrail leaving the cops long behind. Cool trick to see in a mainstream TV show, but then they stop the kid by tossing a broomstick in his path. WTF? Ollie?

If I understand correctly...
  1. Skaters give a damn about baseball.
  2. Skaters would go out of their way to formulate a ground-breaking formula involving a stupid jock sport.
  3. Skaters who can grind a handrail don't know how to ollie a broomstick.
  4. TV is for the mentally challenged.

It's still a good show, but you should watch an episode of "Northern Exposure" to see why agent Morrow is not the most convincing FBI agent to take the stage... as it were.

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