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May 2007 Skateboard Blog Post

Can Payless Shoe Stores Buy Style? Back in the day - late 80's to be specific - Airwalk and Vision Street Wear were huge in the sk8 shoe market, among other things. I rocked all that shit. Imagine my surprise in 2007 when I stumble into a Payless shoe store and find a pair of Airwalks for my two year-old son. I was stoked and a bit curious.

I had no idea Airwalk still existed and why would they be making shoes in a toddler's size 5?
It turns out that Payless bought both Airwalk and VSW as brands. The companies were pretty much over, but the brands still have recognition in the market. When these brands were part of active companies, they screamed punk rock and skating. Somehow I think finding these brands in Payless may diminish that appeal.

The answer to my original question is; NO, Payless can't buy style.

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