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April 2007 Skateboard Blog Post

Peeps - Indestructible Easter Treat With the advent of Easter Sunday, I hope everyone is prepared. Ya know... got candy, baskets, bunnies and chotchke junk? You'd better cuz it's time to slam some beers and paint some eggs. And then there are Peeps - those odd marshmallow chicks and bunnies that contain more sugar than sugar itself.

Leave it to news powerhouse CNN to unravel the mystery... sort of.
ATLANTA (CNN) -- Inspired by a sugar rush after consuming several of the ubiquitous Easter confections known as Peeps, Emory University scientists James Zimring and Gary Falcon decided to try to find out just what it was they were eating. Using everything this side of a nuclear device, these intrepid scientists conducted experiments to discover just what would dissolve a Peep.

The final result was nothing destroys peeps - other than your mouth and digestive tract. So after the next ice age, Earth's re-population will depend on cockroaches and peeps. Best of luck, mankind.

I don't want you to think this is some frivolous entry devoid of merit, so here are a few Peep-facts (ripped from the official peep site)...
  • In the early 1950's it took hours to make one Peep. Now it takes 6 minutes.
  • Each Peep has 32 calories and 0 grams of fat (don't be fooled. these things will fucking kill you).
  • Peeps have been the best selling non-chocolate Easter candy for the last decade.
  • Peeps come in 5 colors. Yellow chicks are the most popular, followed by pink, lavender, blue, and white.

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