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April 2007 Skateboard Blog Post

Penny For Your Poop? I hope my fecal reference didn't catch you in the midst of a meal. Speaking of which... a friend of mine had a Taco Bell (Runs at the Border) ritual that I thought I'd share.

When you're hungry and craving diarrhea (I mean, food) Taco Bell is no worse than any of the other shit-bag fast-food joints the world has to offer. [don't go to an organic market or anything... pack you tummy with vile yum-yums, by all means] If you "Think Outside (your) Buns" and crave the runs, let Taco Bell double as a cleaning service.
"What the fuck?" you ask.

That's right. As you stuff tacos down your throat (to test peristalsis, naturally) grab a few extra packets of their sauce. Open a few and insert loose change (coins, dumb-ass) into the liquid flavor death-delights (packets).

By the time you've finished your meal (and 3 minutes before you'll need to shit out you innards) check your change and see if it isn't as clean as any coin minted 20 minutes ago.

Now explain to me why you put al that change-cleansing muck on the food you eat. Bon appetite... and squirt a big one for all of us that decided to have a salad.

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