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September 2007 Skateboard Blog Post

Rang2 Krooked's Gnar Gnar - DVD I have to admit I was a bit pissed off to discover (long ago) that Mark Gonzales' latest video masterpiece, Gnar Gnar, was being released in limited quantity and ONLY on VHS. There's a whole generation out there (almost) that hasn't been exposed to the gritty world of VHS video tape. Beta was a much better format - FYI. Anyway...

I wanted a fuckin' copy dammit - even if it means dragging the VCR out of storage (I'm sure I didn't throw it away). But alas, the "limited quantity" release meant that very few people would actually own a legit copy. Enter the internet - land of all things forbidden, obscure and unattainable.

After a few tries I finally found a site that had a digital copy for download. Better still it was encoded as an MP4 file. This means it can be converted into DVD format and burned to a shiny new DVD for viewing on a TV, instead of a tiny window on the computer screen.

With beer in-hand, I greatly enjoyed Gnar Gnar.
If anyone has any copyright infringement issues, then this entry is entirely fictitious.

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