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Reality TV Goes Sk8... again Before seeing Rob Dyrdek's reality show, Rob & Big on Mtv, I had my doubts as to it's necessity (remember Skate Maps?). Reality shows in general tend to get boring pretty fast. Still I had to support the sk8-ness of it and watched an episode.

Damn, that shit was funny. Sure, a lot of it seemed staged, but I thought it was pretty well done anyway and I've gotten a kick out of all the episodes. But when a good things goes to the power/money hungry marketing wonks, I get a bit irked. Do we need a Rob & Big merchandising campaign? Of course Mtv will think so - they're on the skids (remember when "M"s stood for music?) and grapple for any sign of life (i.e. profit).

When I hear there was a skate deck coming out, I rolled my eyes. However I dig the Alien Workshop touch. They did a cool job of maintaining their brand while creating a cool deck. I haven't rushed out to the store just yet, but this might be a collectable add to the sk8 stash. I don't want to get hypocritical since I "friended" Dyrdek's dog on Myspace.
Rob & Big deck by Alien Workshop

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