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March 2007 Skateboard Blog Post

Urethane -vs- Rubber Remember when it was cool to call the internet, "Cyberspace" and Al Gore frequently referred to this new information superhighway as the infobahn? So along comes a sk8 wheel company, Autobahn, whose latest ad states that their wheels are formulated to offer a broader range of skateability and smoothness to otherwise rough skate terrain. They go on to say their wheels won't make every spot skateable, but your range of skate spots will expand with the ride you get from autobahn wheels.

Um OK... but when the ad is for 53mm wheels doesn't that size kind of limit the roughness of terrain you can skate regardless of the wheel dynamics? Jeep Wranglers can handle a lot of different terrains, but they do so much better with large knobby tires as opposed to street slicks. Does urethane really possess that much diversity that you can ride rough surfaces easier when purchasing by brand?

Gimme some nice squishy 65mm Kryptos... then I'll see if I can't expand my rideable terrain.

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