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Van Halen Rehab Tour There are few bands like Van Halen, probably because there are few guitarists like Eddie. Even though the world is full of loud-mouthed assholes, David Lee Roth was the next element that made their sound larger than life. They ended for me with 1984 - an amazing album that would mark the end of their unique sound and vibe. Van Hagar wasn't my "cup of tea" as they say.

Can't Drive 55 was a cool song, but the whole Sammy thing just wasn't a good continuation of VH. So, I sat back until Gary Cherone, formerly of Extreme, came along with the potential to overcome the Van Hagar era. Didn't really happen, but I suppose it kept hope alive.

Then DLR crawled out of some hole and tried to re-ignite his celebrity status. That didn't happen wither, but gave some hope to a real VH reunion. Then they announced a 2007 Van Halen reunion Tour. What great news, right? Apparently DLR is still a loud-mouthed asshole and Eddie is in rehab until he can give 110%. How about you drop the crack pipe (or whatever) and just give us 70%? I ant my Van Halen... and I want to be 17 again - sort of.

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