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November 2008 Skateboard Blog Post

Another Peculiar Helmet Option Yakkay Hat Helmet Not long ago we brought the western cowboy hat-helmet to your attention (just in case you wanted a new reason for someone to kick your ass). In a similar effort to get people to wear helmets, here's another that doesn't look like a helmet either.

Yakkay is a company putting a new look on bike helmets. You have to admit that bike helmets are probably the dumbest looking things next to deep-sea diver's helmets. There are currently 4 models including this stylish (maybe?) bucket hat with a metal liner to keep your head intact.

So you start off with your standard helmet, and then pick the "cover" which disguises it as something less dorky than a bike helmet. The next thing I see are cops stopping cyclists and trying to cite them for not wearing helmets. Won't Officer Porky be surprised to find you wearing a metal baseball cap with a chin-strap. When you stop and think about it, very few hats can be considered "cool" if they have a chin strap. You should wear a helmet regardless. If you have to disguise your helmet, perhaps you could just use a towel to disguise your open head-wound. Food for thought... Yakkay Hat Helmet

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