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August 2009 Skateboard Blog Post

Bring Back ATARI! Tony Hawk video game promo Like many, I began my video game addiction with the Atari 2600VCS. It was a simple 8-bit system than engaged a generation and gave us solid fun while spurring imagination.

Remember what imagination is? It's the brain's ability to fill in missing information. Like when you're playing a crappy 8-bit game and have to believe that the white triangle is a space ship and that the white rocks are asteroids. I spent hours playing Asteroids and still do. I bought a PlayStation and was stoked on the reality and quality, but where does it all end?

Reality is going out side and talking to real people and doing real things. Entertainment shouldn't try so hard to mimic reality. If your imagination fills in the missing elements, why remove that ability by trying to make video gam images perfect?

I admire what Hawk has achieved in skateboarding and business (video games, for instance), but I don't need a game that depicts him down to every line on his face. If I need that much detail, maybe I should go outside and skate! Fuck the Xbox- go outside and do real things!

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