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June 2009 Skateboard Blog Post

Burger King Goes Porn Burger King sex doll ad Kid's meal toys have always been a favored way to attract more business to fast food restaurants. Since they can't tout having edible (or nutritious) food, they must rely on customer's compulsion for exploitation. Kids seem to like "toy meals", but what attraction is there for the parents?

Perhaps the prospect of a blow job for Dad would be a good incentive! Dubbed the "Super Seven-Incher" this ad may be just the motivation necessary for Dad to put his 7-incher back in his pants and take the kids to Burger King. Let the kids enjoy a hearty fake-meat sandwich while Dad scouts the dining area for MILFy participants in his BK blow job fantasy.

This is quite a departure from subliminal advertising and boldly states (or strongly implies) that BK MILFs swallow. At least that's the message we got.

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