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April 2009 Skateboard Blog Post

California Girls Skateboards California Girls Skateboards logo It's not that we have a knack for seeing out porn and bikini models as they pertain to skateboarding. California Girls Skateboards logo We've just encountered a batch of skate-related semi-smut we wanted to share. Eric Muss-Barnes has his "skate-on" yet again. You may recall he and female pro skater Holly Lyons released a free DVD, Learn To Ride A Skateboard.

Sans Ms. Lyons, Eric has ventured into the online wonders of Zazzle, a web site allowing the graphic customization of a number of products. This would include placing bikini models on skateboard decks. So, if Mom won't let you buy a deck featuring a porn star, maybe she'll let you get away with a bikini model. At least that's the hope.

Check out the California Girls Skateboards web site and see which model you want to grind across your favorite ledge.
California Girls Skateboard decks

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