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April 2009 Skateboard Blog Post

Cops Dabble in "Cool" Next time a "man in blue" is chasing you down the street as donut crumbs fly off his shirt, you might not be able to escape quite as easily via skateboard. cop car of the future skateboarding
Retrofitted with the slickest donut-drawers and coffee cup holders, cops of the near future will be hunting skateboarders in cooler looking cars. This high horse-power upgrade to cop cars may prompt you to kick a cop in the balls just so you can hitch a quick ride in one of these jaunty beauties. And you thought your tax dollars were spent hiring more cops - oh no! It's being squandered on fun custom cars.

Next time the law is on your tail, don't bother skating away - just run up a flight of stairs. Like their badge-wielding drivers, these new cars don't handle stairs well either.

C'mon... we kid. We dig the police and don't want to be tasered for having an opinion.

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