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April 2009 Skateboard Blog Post

Tony Hawk's Global Easter Egg Hunt Tony Hawk Easter egg skateboards Tony hawk seems to do most things "big". From massive half-pipes to a myriad of self-titled video games, the Birdman doesn't go half-way on any project. So why would he settle for a backyard Easter egg hunt when he can easily make use of the entire planet?

Traditional eggs were scrapped in favor of signed boards hidden in various locations around the world. Yes - on different continents. Clues were obtained from following Tony Hawk's Twitter account.

Spanning the globe from the US to Australia, Birdhouse decks signed by Tony were discovered by Tony's Twitter followers. Just when scavenger hunts reached a ceiling of interest, along comes Hawk to re-invent the genre and keep the bunny hopping Easter-style.
From Tony Hawk's Twitter page:
Tony Hawk Easter egg twitter tweets

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