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March 2009 Skateboard Blog Post

Our Brush with Ineternet Savvy: Julia Roy On a completely unrelated topic, check out Julia Roy. Just Google her name - can't miss her. Julia Roy isn't a pro skateboarder, but the skate industry could learn a lot from her about connecting with people (customers!).
Digital girl Julia Roy twitter comment
Digital girl Julia Roy She bills herself as a "digital Girl" - no, not the slutty porno type that we usually gravitate towards. She's a tech geek - a cute tech geek - with an amazing ability to be everywhere in every format. She's the queen of social networking and has her own URL to reside over all her digital feeds from Twitter to YouTube. Julia is everywhere and always has an opinion and a sense of humor.

The skateboard industry could take a lesson from Ms. Roy about how to market one's self, company or concept. With a myriad of skate products on the market, and floating around the net, you have to get out there and be heard. Being cute and blonde doesn't hurt, but the point is getting publicity. It's not enough to simply join every social networking site out there and hope for the best. You have to tie them all together into a cohesive brand and/or message. If you want to succeed, get noticed - everywhere.
Got Julia? Julia Roy dot com.
After following her online (the new stalking?), we finally had to send her an "attaGirl" message on Twitter. Minutes later she sent this one back at us. Redefining ubiquity, Julia Roy is a very digital girl! And she hast 2 cats named "Mac" and "Tosh" - how fucking cool is that! As in Apple "Macintosh" for all you beige-boxers.

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