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February 2009 Skateboard Blog Post

More on Boardsports and "Paddles" Kahuna's Big Stick land paddle for longboards Nearly a year ago we came across the Big Stick "land paddles" made by Kahuna. Apparently, longboarders are to use these devises to propel themselves across flat ground. I thought this is where feet played a role - maybe not. I see the purpose, but I still don't think the world of boardsports is ready to accept a land paddle. Truth be told, I'm dying to try one. The Big Stick looks like a great accessory to cruising by the shore on a hot day. Give yourself a little momentum and then knock a meth-head out of your path.

The other day I saw the same product, in ESM surf mag. This dude is surfing and, low and behold, he's holding a paddle. Kind of made me think of the Venice gondoliers. Seems to me that surfing the waves with a paddle would be like dropping into a half pipe with a "Big Stick" - not smart. But I do see the virtue of this land paddle for traversing the flat lands. But on a surfboard? Get a kayak!

See if the Kahuna Creations' Big Stick is the right "paddle" for your ride.

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