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January 2009 Skateboard Blog Post

Light Board? I keep seeing print ads for this Photon Light Board. You may think it's a new lightweight material that will revolutionize skateboarding, but alas it's not. It's a deck with embedded lights that glow.

Photon Light Board Maybe it's my style, but I don't find myself needing a skateboard with rechargeable lights - yeah, you plug it in to recharge. I never understood those lights they install under cars; a la "Fast & Furious". What's up with that shit? Maybe I just don't get it and I'm missing the point. If a lighted skate is your thing, this is the product for you. Otherwise, just keep skating.

This contraption's obvious benefit is at night when you can see the lights best. Most night sessions are done under the cover of darkness so security, cops and nagging locals won't see you and cause problems. The last thing one needs is a flashy lit-up skate board drawing attention. Sorry, I just don't get this one.

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