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December 2009 Skateboard Blog Post

Tiger Woods' Porn Pokes One little car crash and suddenly billionaire golf pro Tiger Woods is front and center in every newscast. He always struck me as a low key sort of person. I wouldn't have guessed he'd be linked to affairs with two different porn stars. Just goes to show you can never tell for sure which "ones" are the freaks.

Tiger Woods' wife, Elin Nordegren seems like quite the catch - not the sort of chick you cheat on with random porn stars. None the less, both Joslyn James and Holly Sampson are on his "post-golf fuck-list". It should be interesting to see how Woods' sponsors react.

Tiger's Porno pals...
skateboarder adult actress porn star Joslyn James pink bra thong standing skateboarder adult actress porn star Holly Sampson black bra garters thong behind

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