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May 2009 Skateboard Blog Post

USB Thumb-Drive Skateboards Santa Cruze USB thumb drive for computers Don't worry Microsoft hasn't released Windows Skate yet. But when they do, you can be certain your bearings will lock up, Kingpin threading will strip and smooth grip tape will hit the marketplace. Skateboard decks will fall in price to $7.00 for a deck, but each wheel will cost $35.00. You can't win when backwards thinking prevails. But a Mac!

So, I'm wondering if the Tech Deck folks are a little bent outta shape that someone is making miniature skateboards that actually have a fucking purpose. Having a 4 to 8 gigabyte flash drive in my pocket seems eminently more useful than trying to skateboard with my fingers. On the other hand do I need something knobby in my pocket? It's swell that it looks like a skateboard and has actual graphics, but the trucks and wheels may prove irritating.

All in all, I'll say it's clever, but not as clever as any other flash drive on the market. Maybe if it came pre-loaded with a gig of porn, I'd feel differently. Santa Cruze USB thumb drive for computers

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