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October 2009 Skateboard Blog Post

Misappropriating Skateboarding It's bad enough that WalMart and Target sell skateboards, but its almost worse when some corporate entity tries to use skateboarding to make themselves seem cool.

Often old men in suits hear things like, "Skateboarding is really on the rise". Suddenly, they think if they align themselves with something cool - like skateboarding - it will benefit their image, product or whatever they are pushing.

Yahoo Ad

If this guy, in this Yahoo ad, is master of some universe - digital or otherwise - I'd like to know how many fucking light-years away it is. This ad might have passed the test around the boardroom table, but no skater in his right mind would look at this and equate it with any part of skateboarding.

I'd also like to know what target-audience is supposed to be intrigued by this image. I think Mike V. needs to pay Yahoo a visit and explain what skateboarding is all about. He's done a great job crossing the globe as an emissary of sk8 - time to come home and visit the wonks at Yahoo for a refresher course in modern cool.

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