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June 2010 Skateboard Blog Post

Ariel Rebel's Signature Skateboard Ariel Rebel Skateboard Canada's "darling of amateur porn", Ariel Rebel, is making a valiant effort to merge nudity and skateboarding. We're all for it and she's off to a good start. Her initial boards had somewhat traditional graphics featuring her name emblazoned across the deck. Wisely Ms. Rebel knows what sells in a graphic - her form!

Her latest boards feature her topless, smiling and bent at the waist, which makes for a very compelling marketing campaign. A few skateboard companies have tried to merge porn onto skateboard graphics, but have run into the "mainstream" problem. Parent's aren't going to buy skateboards for their kids when the graphics feature half-naked chicks. Ms. Rebel has the advantage of already being associated with the adult biz and can likely generate a lot of interest through her fans and word-of-mouth.

However, skaters are a demanding and discerning bunch, so it's logical to ask if anyone is actually riding Ariel Rebel... boards? It would seem the answer is Yes, but we suspect more people are likely to hang them up in the name of art.

Ariel Rebel Skateboard
Check out a few of our favorite pics of Ariel Rebel and go ask your local skate shop why they don't have Ariel Rebel's deck on their wall!

Check out her official sites: and Ariel Rebel Skateboard
We had to tack on this tidbit...
Just when you thought the internet was a massive void into which things become entangled and lost...
Ariel Rebel's reply to our blog
Apparently Ms. Rebel saw our post and responded. We didn't send our post directly to her- she found us! That is nothing short of remarkable and a great testament to how well she uses social media to keep in touch with fans and promote herself. We're very impressed with her - both mind & body!

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