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April 2010 Skateboard Blog Post

Chatham, MA Skatepark in Local News Chatham Skatepark in Local News
It's not every day that a small skatepark way off the beatenpath gets a front page photo in the paper. OK, it's the local Cape Cod Chronicle - not exactly the New York Times. But, what the Hell - we'll take it!

The Chatham, Ma Skatepark is indeed next to the Chatham Airport where nothing larger than a Cessna dare land. There isn't even a control tower - just get on your radio and yell, "Look out" as you descend.

Although our park got an upgrade in Oct. 2006, the ARC Ramps they installed don't hold up in New England winters and could use another upgrade. Cement would have been much preferable to metal ramps. Maybe next time...

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