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February 2010 Skateboard Blog Post

Chuck Taylor Skates the Moon Flipping through the Boston Globe I saw a pic of an orange Chuck Taylor hi-top shoe and had to delve in to see what was up with one of my favorite brands. Who didn't buy a couple pairs just to mix-n-match them back in the 80's? OK, most of you kids who weren't born didn't. Anyway...

Converse hi top moonwalk shoe sneaker front Turns out that it was an article about Massachusetts brands and mentioned in passing that Converse, makers of the Chuck Taylor All Star shoes, have a more stellar history than you may know. The first human footprints on the Moon were made by boots crafted by Converse. Who knew all those hi-tops I wore were made by a company assisting with moon boots.

Oddly I can't find any info to confirm this, but Converse did make a hi-top model called "Moon Walk". I'm wondering if someone's fact checking phase was a little short. There are references to this shoe and Michael Jackson who created the Moonwalk dance step - or whatever the fuck it's called.

Converse hi top moonwalk shoe sneaker back
The short version of this story is I dig Chuck Taylors, saw an article and then found this funky cool design that was probably released several months ago. The reverse design of the eyelets and lacing is very slick. I'm not a sneaker-freak, so this isn't the place for late breaking sneaker news. Cool shoes, though!

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