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Dita Von Teese Redefines Hydration & Pisses-off Tree Huggers Dita Von Teese Redefines Hydration You've got a cooler full of beer, but when skating a pool out in the hot sun you have to have water. The buzz is good, but dehydration can knock you on your ass on a sweltering day. Best solution is to keep the water flowing. But water isn't a cool or sexy beverage. It holds little appeal for the most part.

I'm no fan of bottled water myself, especially when it can be obtained for free from a garden hose which is where most of it probably comes from anyway. The watery folks at Perrier seem to have a similar quandary- "How do we sex-up our boring-ass water?"

The answer seems to be finding a sexy burlesque model to bath in the stuff. Enter Dita Von Teese.

Apparently the tree-hugging crowd calls this display a waste of a natural resource and so forth. They fail to see the value of Ms. Von Teese dousing herself in Perrier. Perhaps this lack of foresight is why their brand needs a make-over in the first place. However you look at it, Marilyn Manson's ex looks pretty good on the website featuring Dita's watery Perrier antics. Dita Von Teese Redefines Hydration
Perrier warning I guess they figure the kiddies don't drink their fizzy water so why not trump the brand with some softcore porn. If this campaign fails they can always re-tool the footage and have Ms. Von Teese use the bottle like a dildo. That should boost sales, right? Or get the marketing VP at Perrier fired!

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