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Only ONE Pad for Women - Not Apple's iPad A recent article in the New York Times cited women's inability to hear the word "pad" and not think about their vaginas. Fascinating. This pie-centric issue erupted after Steve Jobs announced the new Apple iPad tablet. According to the NYT article, some people think Apple was shortsighted in choosing a name that makes all women think about their vaginas.

Apple iPad - not a tampon as many women seem to think Are women really this devoid of rationale, common sense and fixated on their vaginas? I hope not, because I have some bad news...

Landing pad
Pad of paper
Pad the results
Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)
Key pad
Lily pad
Foot pad
Pad Thai
and yes, the fucking iPad!

Naturally, iTampon began to trend on Twitter and everyone passed it around as if it was the second-coming of the original Fart Joke. Maybe this is why we're in an economic recession - too many dumb-fucks.
Apple iPad - not a tampon as many women seem to think I'm not sold on the iPad, although I think it's a bold step in a new direction that will soon come into everyday life for many of us. Nintendo managed to put a camera into GameBoy, why couldn't Apple do it? Seems like an obvious component! But, as this product matures and grows, I'm sure it will enhance aspects of our daily routines just as the iPod has. Until then, I'm holding out for the iPenisBangBangBigHurt... coming soon to a retail shelf near you and your damn vagina!

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