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July 2010 Skateboard Blog Post

Ride A Skateboard - Don't End Up Like Lindsay Lohan free Lindsay Lohan prison shirt Some celebrities just can't catch a break. Take for instance Lindsay Lohan who had a promising career as a child-actor and did what many of them do - fuck up. It's not enough to make a ton of money and live a life of fame. These twits (or twats, as the case may be) have to self-destruct in the public eye.

Lohan, who ruined Herbie the Love Bug as Maggie Peyton, will get a swanky prison jumpsuit and the scorn of prisoners and guards for 90 days. Maybe if she'd had a skateboard during her formative years, she wouldn't be all the things that skaters are accused of - you know: loser, junkie, deviant, etc...

Buy your kid a skateboard - it'll keep him/her out of trouble and help in the global fight of all parents: Don't end up like Lindsay Lohan.

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