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February 2010 Skateboard Blog Post

Skateboard Magazine Subscription Scams When the house phone rings after 8:00 pm, I know something is up. Everyone uses my cell unless its some unscrupulous fuck-whit like the one who called last night. This chick is on the line saying she's calling from the publisher of Skateboarder Magazine.

RULE # 1: Never renew or subscribe to any magazine over the phone!

Most of the fuckos who call are NOT affiliated with the publisher - like the chick who called me. She told me the company name that would appear on my billing statement - it was not the publisher of Skateboarder. They offer a seemingly good rate, but then tell you it only applies to a 3-year renewal. Will Skateboarder Magazine be around in 3 years? Who knows. Fuck that.

These 3d party companies that try to get your subscription also deal only in credit. This means you would have to give them credit card info - bad idea. And very often there is a clause in which they automatically renew the subscription every year and just push the payment to your credit card. Again, fuck that!

In this day and age, you have to be very careful with anyone who calls you for any transaction. The other issue is these 3d party companies will issue your subscription or renewal and charge you even if you tell them "NO"! Worse still if you write cancel on the bill or don't pay, ehey are very quick to sen you to a collection agency who will charge you even more and possibly ruin your credit rating.

Subscribing to magazines has many benefits as opposed to buying single issues at the store, but you should always deal with the publisher, not some janky 3d party company you've never heard of. They will always fuck you over. Go to the source - the mag's publisher. Send in that little card and dump a $15 check in the mail. Done - no hassles.

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