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June 2010 Skateboard Blog Post

Newbury Comics Last Day in Hyannis Newbury Comics former Hyannis, MA location OK, it's not the last day Newbury Comics will be located on Cape Cod... but it is their last day in this location. They are moving into the Cape Cod Mall.

In their former strip-mall location, they stood out as the only cool store in the plaza. Wedged between Toys R Us and Home Goods, with a Verizon store nearby, folks who ventured in knew what Newbury Comics was and sought their unique array of cool shit.

Before living here, I made regular pit-stops there whenever I was close by. There's really nothing quite like Newbury Comics and I loved shopping there. From Music, DVDs and video games to insanely cool chotchkes and used media - they fucking rocked! This location in particular brought a unique product line and convenience to Cape Cod.

My fear in their move to the Mall is similar to many stores that try to succeed in malls... Malls have become hangouts for delinquents who have nowhere else to go. Shoplifting rises, consumers go elsewhere and what seemed like a larger customer-base turns out to be populated with window shoppers, vagrants and the curious. In their plaza location, most who entered knew about them and came to them specifically. The mall attracts way too many random people.

I wish them the best of luck and hope they succeed. I'm not excited about having to shop at fucking Best Buy if Newbury Comics leaves Cape Cod!

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