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September 2010 Skateboard Blog Post

Nikita Needs A Skateboard Maggie Q as Nikita The original La Femme Nikita is an amazing flick that's been paid homage in a number of forms from the Bridget Fonda movie re-make to the USA Network series with Peta Wilson.

Maggie Q now comes along to fill the shoes of Nikita in yet another TV series on the CW network.

She kicks ass and has the big guns, but lets face it - this chick need a fuckin' skatebaord. She needs to amp up her aggression and crack one of those Division dudes over the head with a hefty 9.5" wide old-school deck.

I see her skating through the hood and coming up from a rad power slide, busting open a skull with her deck.

Just a thought...
Maggie Q as Nikita

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