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August 2010 Skateboard Blog Post

Paddle Boarding Takes off On Water and Wheels The first time I saw someone paddle boarding on our local pond, I assumed it was a malfunctioning sunfish sailboat whose owner was trying to reach shore. It never occured to me that standing on a surfboard with a paddle could be sold as a "board sport". Guess I was wrong.
paddle boarding on water
I suppose I'd rather fall off a board into the water than onto concrete, but then there's my phobia of drowning which doesn't happen on concrete.

So, anyway...
It seemed a good time to remind folks of "Land Paddling". What?!? Yeah, grab a longboard & a Kahuna Big Stick (Check out the Kahuna Creations web site for Big Sticks) and you too can do it on dry land.

Kahuna Creations Big Stick

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