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Polaroid Goes Instant Again Polaroid 300 instant camera Polaroid was cool because you got an instant picture seconds after taking the shot. But technology out-paced and out-priced them some time ago. You may recall the iZone camera that printed a sticker of the photo you took. That seemed like Polaroid's last ditch attempt at maintaining their instant photo product.

Digital cameras are priced similarly and can take hundreds of shitty photos that can be deleted from the camera. Imagine paying for film and then have shitty pics pop out. Fuck that! Digital simplifies photography for the common idiot. Sure, pro photographers will always have high-end needs, but consumers are dumb and will buy anything that looks cool.

Speaking of which, I love the look of thePolaroid 300. It creates a fun new look for an old idea. I'd love to buy one just for the form. If this were a digital cam, I'd buy one in a heartbeat. The problem for me is why buy a camera that takes ~2" x 2.5" pictures for ~ $1 a pop? And what the fuck do I do with a pic that small?

I love it's creative design, but the Polaroid 300 is way out of my price range when it costs $1.00 per photo. After taking 100 photos, I could have spent that money on a digital camera. I grew up in the age of Polaroid and I loved their instant photo products. Maybe old technology can fight back and win some market share. I love to ride 10" decks when all the kids are scrambling for a 7" popsicle stick board. Who knows. I'm retro as fuck and I hope Polaroid sticks around.

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