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Recession Proof Careers... In Porn Recession Prrof Careers - in porn book In tough economic times as these one might be tempted to spend money on one of these moronic books that professes to solve all your problems, for one specific topic, within 150 pages or so. If you're smart, you'll just flip through it at the bookstore. Anyway...

This Recession-Proof Careers book came to my attention when I discovered they were advocating careers in the adult industry - Porn. I'm all for the survival and expansion of pornography, but to advocate being a pornstar in a book like this really speaks to the desperate times we're in. The recession is not the a problem for just the lower class or only those who are unemployed. It has effected millions of people directly and/or indirectly. Good hard working people have suffered the wrath of bad Government decisions, lax scrutiny of banking policy and corporate greed.

To suggest we all "whip it out" in front of their webcam or go all the way and become an anything-goes pornstar in order to survive the recession says a lot. I'd love to be living the rich-life, but if the American dream has come to staring in "Anal Freaks In Heat", perhaps that MBA would be another approach. Who knows.

From the book: "The global demand for adult entertainment products and services is enormous; and companies that can bring innovative offerings to market and are able to compete at the highest levels should be able to profit regardless of the broader economic outlook."

Live the good life - Be a porn star!

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