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June 2010 Skateboard Blog Post

Will Tax Payers Fund YOUR Next Skate Film? An interesting story on the front page of the New York Times talked about state governments putting up tax-payer funds for movies that portrayed their state in a favorable way. They suggested it might inspire tourism to states prominently featured in films. I'm sure most tax payers have no clue that their hard earned money is funding straight-to-DVD movies with prominent locales. But then I started thinking...

With the high cost and poor consumer response to skateboard DVDs (thanks, fucking YouTube), can skate companies find similar deals? Maybe the next Element vid is funded by Rhode Island for the footy shot in Newport. Would Michigan pay for a Flip tour due to the positive spin they put on the Motor City?

The possibilities seem endless, if one is crafty enough to figure out a way to get someone else to pay! Doesn't even have to be a full-scale skate company to work. If you have the skills to make a good skate film, find a way to approach the local governments of the locations you film in. You might just find the funding you need to produce and distribute your film!! Go for it!

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