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August 2010 Skateboard Blog Post

I'm Picking Out a Thermos For You Being old enough to have seen Steve Martin sing "I'm picking out a Thermos for you" in 1979's The Jerk must have made an impression on me.
Peanuts Thermos Every year when the Summer came to a close and it was time to buy school supplies, the first thing on my list was a new Peanut's lunchbox with thermos. Those were the days. Hell, lunch boxes today rarely come with a thermos. As a kid I just knew that a thermos kept my juice cold all day; end of story.
I had no idea Thermos was a brand.

Thermos Like any ubiquitous brand, it's name has become a noun. However, not every thermos is a Thermos®. As a discerning adult, I know that Thermos® brand is a cut above the garden-variety thermos.

My coffee mug had reached a point where cleaning it was a waste of time. It had become a rusted piece of junk (the inside was fairly clean). All the travel mugs I saw were plastic and looked like they'd fall apart in a week. Then I found a Thermos brand travel mug and the brand came back to memory.
"Fuck yeah! Get a Thermos brand mug!"

Long story short I bought another style of Thermos mug, a food container and a classic "thermos" Thermos. I can't say enough good things about the Thermos brand. High quality, durable and highly functional! Go get one (or two). You'll thank me later.

I'm so stoked about my new Thermos collection that I wrote a Thermos® article.

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