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January 2010 Skateboard Blog Post

Thrasher Grip Tape Boring grip tape is worse than only ONE thing - a kid who can't grip his own board! Trasher Grip Tape Trasher Grip Tape
It drives me crazy to see a kid in a skate shop asking if someone can grip his board for him. He didn't even buy the deck there! He s just to lazy/stupid to do it himself. In a perfect world the shop owner would peel the backing off the grip and wrap i around the kid's head. At least he'd learn that gripping a board is easier than cutting it out of your own hair.

So, anyway...
Back to my dislike of boring grip tape. Covering a board with black grip is fine as far as your feet are concerned, but why not put some style into it. Make a cool cut-out patters near the rear truck holes to discern front from back or add some paint-stick (or whatever you choose) art work.

Thrasher even has these swell designs that you can slap on for instant artistic gratification. See! There's no excuse for a dull black-covered deck.
bikini girl Grip Tape
Just remember that bringing these cool grip sheets to your local shop for professional adhesion will put you at the front of the line for a good beating!
As you can see, grip tape graphics have come a long way. You can tell when a technology or technique really takes hold when it's purpose is guided down the path of scantily-clad (or less) women. Our favorite path!

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